What is JProjectTimer ?

JProjectTimer (JPT) is a project scheduler application designed for project managers to enable them to define tasks and their relationships, then represent graphically the schedule on a Gantt chart.

It's a Java application, meaning that it can be run on any platform having a Java Virtual Machine. Moreover, it's free (as in "free of speech"), under the GPL licence.

The available languages for the application are: English, German, Spanish and Japanese.

It's still on its early stages but give it a try!

What is a Gantt chart ?

Gantt charts are named after Henry Laurence GANTT (1861-1919), a specialist of industrial management.
A Gantt chart is a Graphical ANalytic Networked Timechart, meaning a graphic where the project tasks are represented by horizontal bars showing their respective timing and dependencies.
Gantt chart were initially used for construction projects but are used everywhere now.

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